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Addressing the Issues that Matter to Bozeman



I am a civil rights attorney at a non-profit civil rights advocacy organization that I founded.  I also have a small for-profit corporate practice that focuses on creating and counseling businesses. 

Before buying a house in Bozeman in 2018 I was a frequent visitor to Montana.  In the 1990s my brother was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane and we spent a lot of time in the northern part of Montana fishing.  I fell in love with the state and returned throughout the years to hunt. 

In 2015 I finally realized a dream by buying some land in Meagher county and soon thereafter had a local business build a log cabin for the land.  On a monthly basis I'd fly from my home in California to Bozeman to spend time on the land and my wife finally wanted to see what it was that drew me to Montana.  

An evening at the Emerson Grill (RIP) and then a stroll through the downtown neighborhoods was all it took for my wife to decide that we had to live here.  

Since then, we've found more to love about Bozeman on a daily basis and have become integrated into the community.  My two businesses are located in Bozeman and my wife is active in local non-profits, including the Montana Science Center, The Compassion Project and Befrienders and she still is active with the Charlie Cart Project, a Berkeley, CA based non-profit that helps urban children learn how to produce healthful meals.   If you've been to the Gallatin Valley Farmers' Market you may have even seen my wife's cookie stand (Willson Avenue Bakery).  

We couldn't be happier to live in Bozeman and look forward to working with you in preserving all that is great here while also addressing that which needs work. 

I am running for office on the following principles:

  • Providing common sense solutions for the issues important to Montanans, such as property taxes, housing availability, cost of living, services for at-risk individuals and preservation of the environment;

  • Supporting law enforcement and the rule of law;

  • Protecting individual, property and parental rights;

  • Managing growth responsibly and protecting public lands; and

  • Preserving the unique qualities that bring people to Montana in a sustainable and inclusive manner.


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